Three Tips to Help Your Search for Beijing Office Space

Over the last few years the cost of office rent in Beijing has rocketed at a rate faster than virtually any other city on earth. Prime office rents rose by an astounding 75 per cent in 2011, the fastest increase of any city, in addition to the 48 per cent increase of 2010. This runaway inflation of rental prices has ... Read More »

Get it Sold – Working With Real Estate Investors When You Have to Sell Now!

There are many times when trying to sell your home the traditional way simply will not cut it for your situation. When you are facing problems such as: · Pending foreclosure · Bankruptcy · Divorce · Job Transfer · Inheritance · Property Tax Bills · Your issue here You may find that trying to list with Read More »

Earn Some Extra Cash by Renting Out Fractional Cottages

In recent years, fractional cottage ownership has become quite popular. Fractional ownership is when a group of people or families split the cost of buying a cottage and maintaining it. Each group shares the cottage by having set times of the year that each will use it. It is different than a timeshare in that they all own the cottage. ... Read More »

Three Tips To Finding An Office Accommodation In Ghana

Ghana is a popular destination for businessmen and women as well as investors looking to do business in Africa and it is very easy to see why that is. One of the first items on the list of many investors both local and abroad is how to find an office space once you are in the country. It even pays ... Read More »

Touring a House for Rent With Open Eyes

If you are considering visiting a house for rent with the anticipation of leasing it, you need to look deeper than just at the size and structure of the home. Even though you are not buying the property, you still need to consider it carefully as if you were. When you do so, you will protect your investment, especially if ... Read More »

Selling Your Home Right

Many sellers think that because they’ve lived in a home for so long, they know it best and are therefore the most qualified to sell it. However the truth is that it is the real estate agent that knows what the buyer is looking for. The seller’s favorite feature about the home may be something the buyer won’t even want. ... Read More »

Open Houses – How to Make a Sale on the Spot

Open houses create great opportunities for you to make a sale. But, you should be extra careful when conducting one. If you want to make an outright sale of the property, some rules need to be followed. Remember, it is best to discuss everything on open house day than record all your prospects’ numbers in your mobile phone. A lot ... Read More »