Your Guide to Putting Your Apartment on the Market

Right, you have decided to sell your apartment, before you do this there are a few tips and tricks that will help you do this easily and profitably. Usually, it is the small details that make all the difference when trying to sell your place, so it pays to focus. To begin with, you need to look at your place ... Read More »

Key Points For Eliminating Clutter In Your Home

Being a Houston home seller, do you genuinely believe that the exasperating and distracting home clutter is proving to be a hurdle for selling your home? Believe it or not but the home clutter can be a real threat to selling your Houston home. The unwanted clutter in your house can cause a real smash up to the assessed price ... Read More »

Top 10 Spring Staging Tips

What is staging? I am asked this all the time. Staging is a verb. It is the action of doing something. Staging can be from one end of the spectrum-renting & setting furniture up in vacant home to making over 200 suggestions for occupied or vacant home. So “staging” is a word used to describe many things. I do all ... Read More »

The Processes Behind a Short Sale

There are a number of people who may be having some issues with finances and most of the time may resort to just selling our properties. But if you have not completed the payment for this property then it is better to short sale it than to have it foreclosed. What type of transaction is a short sale? Basically, short ... Read More »

Why Renting Is The Worst Thing You Can Do?

I have seen a lot of reports and information over the years about renting vs. owning. I am here to say that renting does you no good and can have a bad impact on you in more than one way. First of all I like to look at renting as having a job. You go in to your job everyday ... Read More »

Selling Your House For the Highest Amount

How can I know if my agent is doing the right things to sell my house? Well, every agent is different in what they emphasize is important in showcasing a house effectively. This will serve to be my humble opinion on the subject, but it is an opinion that has served me and my clients very well. First, please don’t ... Read More »

Sell California Property Quickly and Easily – Real Estate Investors May Be a Valuable Option

California real estate is probably the most valuable asset anyone could own and is desired over almost any other state. Over the years, California property values have soared, and more recently there is an abundance of properties for sale with values dropping every day. This opens the door to opportunities for buyers as well as sellers. California real estate Read More »