How to Rent With Bad Credit, CCJs, IVAs or Bankruptcy

Get your full credit check Make sure that you know exactly what your credit history shows. It simply isn’t acceptable to go to a letting agent not knowing how many or who you have CCJs with. Remember, the letting agent wants to help you, don’t forget they will be getting a commission if they can rent the property to you. ... Read More »

Sell My Property As Soon As Possible and Privately

Due to various reasons, many people have to eventually sell off their property. Some of the reasons include repossession, divorce, immigration and generating equity to meet the bad debt. Whatever the reason may be, the most common attribute of the people who want to sell their property is that they want to sell it at the shortest possible time. Additionally, ... Read More »

Guaranteeing Rental Income For Property Owners

For many property owners, often a primary concern is that a fire or similar damage could make their property they own uninhabitable, and therefore deprive them of the rental income that it generates. And of course, this is very important. After all, even if you do not have any borrowings to service, the income is important to cover insurance, rates ... Read More »

Important Things to See in an Assured Price For a Quick Property Sale

When you are working with a quick property sale agency you will be getting a cash offer on your property during the transaction. This is something that is going to be known as an assured price. You will need to take a look at some things about this price when it comes to getting your home sold in this manner. ... Read More »

Renegade Realtor Technique for a Stellar Open House

With the glut of homes on the market and the amount of competition on Open House Sundays, how on earth can a realtor make his open house stand apart from the rest? You’re going to need to think outside-of-the-box. Let’s begin with the most basic practice of open house 101 – posting signs. Look around on any weekend and you ... Read More »

Your Guide to Putting Your Apartment on the Market

Right, you have decided to sell your apartment, before you do this there are a few tips and tricks that will help you do this easily and profitably. Usually, it is the small details that make all the difference when trying to sell your place, so it pays to focus. To begin with, you need to look at your place ... Read More »

Key Points For Eliminating Clutter In Your Home

Being a Houston home seller, do you genuinely believe that the exasperating and distracting home clutter is proving to be a hurdle for selling your home? Believe it or not but the home clutter can be a real threat to selling your Houston home. The unwanted clutter in your house can cause a real smash up to the assessed price ... Read More »