7 Factors That May Negatively Affect Home Sales

Although the real estate Vancouver market has remained quite stable compared to many other cities in North America, selling your home can be a stressful undertaking. When prospective buyers are viewing your property, there are many factors they take into account. By understanding how various issues can detract from the value of your home, you will be better equipped to ... Read More »

Sell Your Property in 28 Days

If you know how selling in any market is easy, on average within the UK it takes 28 weeks to sell property and generally 20 plus viewings. When I first attempted to sell my property I began with what I believed to be stage one which was to have a good clean up and clear out, once the place was ... Read More »

London Property – The Outlook For Rents in the Buy to Let Sector

The UK economy is in for a rough ride. House prices have dropped off a cliff and many buy-to-let investors have already seen the capital value of their property investments fall dramatically. The big question is: should they sell quickly before prices drop further, or should they hang on and wait for an upturn? Of course, with mortgage rates remaining ... Read More »

Ways to Sell Property Quickly and Efficiently

Times have changed and due to various factors, people find themselves selling their properties. Such reasons could involve being laid off from work, and being forced to relocate to another area. Being divorced can also force people to dispose of their property with the intention of living separate lives, away from each other and not wanting to have to stay ... Read More »

Helpful Hints for Home and Property Sellers

If you have decided to sell your home then here are a few tips that will make your property more attractive and appealing to potential purchasers. Tidy and Clean Homes are Welcoming Homes: Once your property is listed for sale, and especially for inspections and open house days, ensure your house is clean, tidy and uncluttered. Remember first impressions do ... Read More »

Make Your Stay Comfortable With Furnished Apartments

When you start a new life and venture out of the familiar comfort of your home, the need to find an accommodation becomes a top priority. The reasons for re-location are many, ranging from studies to a new promising career. Among all the enthusiasm that builds within you, is a little apprehension to find the most appropriate location as you ... Read More »

Selling Your Home? Stage Your Yard!

Real estate agents now urge homeowners to invest in “staging” for their homes before putting them on the market. But sometimes they forget that staging outside can be even more important than staging inside. What is staging? It’s setting the stage. It’s clearing the clutter, cleaning thoroughly, and re-arranging things to give the best effect. It’s de-personalizing a house Read More »